What Makes Our Approach Unique

Working with People Who Suffer With Chronic Health Complaints Using Field Control Therapy (FCT)

We look at health from a 3 pronged approach.  Each prong has both a testing side and a support side.

The first prong is the metabolic or body chemistry side – the testing is with conventional methods such as blood work.  The support is recommending nutritional or herbal supplements and/or dietary recommendations.

The second prong is the neurological side.  We work with adults and kids who have chronic neurological disorders such as brain fog, Restless Leg Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, Vertigo, seizures and ADHD.  Through functional neurological examination we identify the weak areas of the brain.  We have 2 sides of the brain: the right and the left.  Many times when patients first come to our office they are either weaker on the right side and stronger on the left, or vice versa,  This many times creates symptoms like pain, poor coordination and balance, numbness, tingling, burning, visual issues and difficulties with learning, mood and focus.   If a patient has a weak right side of the brain we want to stimulate that side so it’s back in balance with the other side.  We can accomplish this with brain boosting procedures (Brain Based Therapy) along with Neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain).

The third piece is the toxicology side – this is the side where very few people have received any effective testing and definitely no effective support.  This is an area where we shine, but to do this we have to go outside the box of conventional health care procedures.  That’s  because within the box of conventional health care the testing procedures have too many limitations.  If you get a toxin in your body, your body’s options for dealing with it are limited.  The first step is to pee, poop, breathe or sweat it out.  If that doesn’t work the immune system will try to kill it.  If the immune system can’t kill it because it’s a chemical that’s not living, the body has a backup plan.  The backup plan is to store the toxin in your fat.  Our  fat gives us insulation, protection, shock absorption and storage.  So toxins get stored in our fat but then over time migrate into our organs where they are very difficult to identify and eliminate using conventional methods.  Fortunately, we have other methods that allow us to do this–like FCT–THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY OF FINDING AND EFFECTIVELY GETTING RID OF THESE STORED TOXINS.  FCT was developed by  Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, a board certified cardiologist  who currently practices in New York. He founded FCT based on the scientific understanding that not only do cells communicate through chemistry (enzymes, hormones, etc.)–they also communicate through electrical frequencies.  It has been determined that healthy cells have specific frequencies that are unique to the type of tissue they form, and that these frequencies are very different from those of unhealthy cells.  For example, it’s known that cancer cells have very little to no frequency and have stopped communicating with other, healthy cells.  While cells do communicate through chemistry, their communication through these electrical frequencies is 100 times more efficient.  In fact, the frequency communication tells the chemistry side what to do!  So patients who have only received chemical testing and treatment are missing the most important dimension of health care.  That is why chronically ill patients who have had tons of blood, stool, saliva and urine tests still struggle with their health, even when the test results are all “normal.”

This is where FCT is so effective!

How is FCT testing done?  It is based on a relflex, which is the same thing as a stress response.  Reflexes occur  automatically, without us having to think about them. A good example is our pupil light reflex.  It activates thousands of times each day and we don’t even have to think about it–it’s controlled subconsciously by our brain.  In FCT testing we test similar reflexes that tell us when the body is in a stress response, as well as what is causing the stress–what specific toxin or pathogen.  The testing process is very easy–free of pain, needles,  gouging, twisting, and poking.  The process is science based, very accurate and allows me to help chronically ill people and also people who have no symptoms, in the shortest time possible.

Based on the testing results, I recommend powerful remedies to support the key stressed organs as well as to target the toxins/pathogens affecting them.  The remedies give your body’s innate intelligence the electrical frequency /information it needs to create a healing response.

This truly is “healing for the 21st century!”

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