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Great experience with Dr. Steve. Highly recommended.

Dominic B.

I was living on ibuprofen and aleve for months. I haven’t taken any since my first appointment and my walking is improving. Not a skeptic any more ❗️only two weeks into treatment ❗️

Donna S.

Dr Tashiro’s an intuitive Healer. My two young boys who were not vaccinated until they were 18 went to Dr. Tashiro as children and my boys are so healthy! I am grateful for him and his office!

Monica G.

I’ve been seeing Dr Tashiro for 3 weeks and I’m now able to walk without aleve, and sleep without medication. I’d been told by doctors I had to exercise and lose weight which I already knew. I couldn’t without assistance which Dr Steve provided.
Each day I get better naturally. Thank you, thank you!!

Pennie E.

Dr. Steve is the best chiropractor in Colorado! His approach is whole body wellness!

Stephanie M.