Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy causes stabbing pain, tingling, numbness, cold, or burning in the feet and hands. For many, peripheral neuropathy pain affects their lives in a profound way. Some may experience severe pain like electric or stabbing all the time, disturbed sleeping patterns, Restless Leg Syndrome, fatigue, depression, numbness and tingling in the toes, or pain in the legs when they walk.

We offer a drugless, non-invasive, safe option that may get rid of the pain and perhaps get your life back!

I use a multi-pronged approach that addresses not only rehabilitation of the peripheral nervous system, but also supporting the function of your brain (central nervous system) as well as balancing your body chemistry. This is essential, since peripheral neuropathy has many possible chemical causes, and lack of nerve function directly impacts your brain.

Do You Qualify For This New Program?

Here’s The Qualification Process…

  1. Complete the Peripheral Neuropathy Screening Questionnaire included in this package along with our other intake forms and bring it with you so we can determine if you are a candidate to be helped by our program.
  2. Have a consultation with me, Dr. Steve Tashiro, M.S., D.C., to address your problems and health issues. I’ll answer your questions and concerns.
  3. Allow me to perform my highly-specialized evaluation of your peripheral and central nervous system, and screen you for metabolic/chemical imbalances.
  4. I will give you a written “Recommended Care Plan” explaining the results of your examination, and if you qualify for our program, and what your options are. Not everyone qualifies, but we want to help everyone that does.

If our evaluation reveals a condition that is better treated by other means, we will refer you to the appropriate doctor.

Call us at 303-985-5540 to schedule your Nervous System and Body Chemistry Evaluation. We are located in Lakewood at 12051 W. Alameda Pkwy., Unit D4 in the Market Square/King Soopers Shopping Center.


I started showing symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy approximately 5 years ago. I spoke with my M.D. and a Neurologist…. They only wanted to keep me on Medication. I have been coming to Dr. Tashiro for 6 weeks. When I first came into see Dr. Tashiro I could barely walk and I wasn’t able to sleep through the night (which was a real problem.) I COULDN’T EVEN WEAR MY SHOES!! Now 6 weeks later I can sleep the whole night, I’m walking and wearing shoes without any pain!!!!! I am so grateful for Dr. Tashiro and his staff. Everyone has been so helpful. I just want to thank you for GIVING ME BACK MY LIFE!!! Thank you so much!!

Dave R.
Arvada, CO

Glora RMy primary complaint was; BURNING FEET, pain when I walk, can’t sleep from leg and feet discomfort and SHARP SHOOTING pain in my heels. I had lived with these symptoms since 2000. My doctor’s recommendation was to take more medication. I have been coming to Dr. Steve now for 3 months. In that time I have NO MORE PAIN in my feet. I can sleep all night and I can walk and enjoy my life again! Everyone here is so very caring and kind. They have been very good to me.

Glora R.
Lakewood, CO

I came in to Dr. Tashiro’s office because I was having severe LEG CRAMPS & NIGHTLY SPASMS. After 9 weeks of treatment, I am finally resting ALL night! No more spasms. Now I know where I can come if I have anything else go wrong. The staff here is very welcoming!!

Earl W.
Lakewood, CO

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