Oxygen Concentrator

oxygen concentrator

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen Concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than available in ambient air. It is used as a safer and more convenient alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen.

Oxygen concentrators are a reliable source of supplemental oxygen. The air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and1% other gasses. In the oxygen concentrator, room air passes through a regenerative absorbent called a molecular sieve. The material separates the oxygen from the nitrogen and other gasses; the result is a constant supply of 90-95% concentrated high purity supplemental oxygen that is delivered to the patient. There is never a danger of depleting the oxygen in the room.

Your brain is the most oxygen dependent tissue of the body. Just a few seconds without it, and you’ll faint. By enhancing your oxygen supply for short periods of time, we greatly boost your brain’s vitality and its ability to generate optimal brain impulses. What this means to you is a better functioning brain and nervous system. In essence, it helps you get better, faster!

A Better Brain = A Better You!


“The Benefits of Oxygen: The three basic “nutrients” without which planet earth could not exist as a home for living things are light, water and oxygen… EWOT (pronounced ee-watt) stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. This method of prolonging your life is so simple that it is hard to believe it could work, but it does… The main reason for aging is the failure of enzymatic systems that are responsible for your body’s uptake and utilization of oxygen. When your cells don’t get enough oxygen, they degenerate and die and so you degenerate and die. It’s as simple as that.”

William Campbell Douglas II, MD “Stop Aging or Slow the Process”

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