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Chronic knee pain can be agonizing, robbing any chance of living a normal, active life. Going for walks or sitting on the floor to play with grandkids can be unbearable. If you or a loved one suffer with disabling knee pain, accepting our offer can be life changing.

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I started to have knee pain when walking and grinding in my knees when using stairs, in 2012. My orthopedic doctor recommended cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory medication and finally knee replacement surgery. I also used over the counter anti-inflammatory pills. Now, just 13 weeks after starting treatment at Colorado Life-Changing Care of Lakewood, my walking is pain free. Also, when using stairs now, the grinding is much decreased and I’m nearly pain free—ALL WITHOUT SURGERY

Keith M.
Lakewood, CO


I came to see Dr. Tashiro because both knees were hurting anytime I went up or down stairs and I didn’t know how to take care of it. Dr. Steve and his staff adjusted the alignment of my knees and gave me exercises to improve my knee muscles, as well as directions for using castor oil compresses at home and EFAC cream. My knees feel vey good now with no pain when I use the stairs. This treatment really works and stops knee pain without surgery!

~Gaby P.


I’ve had right knee pain for 53 years-since 1960. Even though my orthopedist removed a bone spur, I still had lots of pain when I put weight on the Knee, the knee was also crooked! After beginning care with Dr. Tashiro 3 months ago, I can NOW WALK WITHOUT PAIN and limping. THE BONES DON’T GRIND AND THE KNEE EVEN STRAIGHTEND OUT! I have a new outlook on life and can still enjoy playing golf with my children!

Basilio S.
Lakewood, CO

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