Healing with Light (low-level Laser)

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Basic Concepts


A laser is basically a focused beam of light that emits photon energy. When the light is focused properly, all the photons are traveling in the same direction and at the same wavelength; this is also known as coherent light. When the light is not focused, it scatters in all directions and becomes diffused. This is called non-coherent light. Low-level lasers use less than one watt of power and they produce what can best be describes as a “Healing Light”.

Beams of Light 

We use lasers to listen to our favorite music CDs, to measure distances, temperature and speed. Even though Einstein was the first to talk about beams of light, our bodies have been using that same kind of energy to communicate since man was created. As documented in James L. Oschman’s book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, cells communicate with one another through coherent light.

Low-Level Lasers 

Low-level lasers are different than the more publicized heat lasers that are used in many surgical procedures to cut and cauterize tissue. Low-level lasers do not have a thermal effect and are used to stimulate, rather than destroy tissue. These lasers re-energize the cells in your body with the right kind and proper amount of healing energy. They have been in use for over 25 years and over 2000 studies worldwide have shown that low-level laser therapy is totally safe. The lasers used in our office are Class I laser devices and are classified by the FDA as NSR (Non-Surgical Risk) devices.

How Do Lasers Work? 

Our lasers emit visible coherent light that is applied to the affected area. Bundles of light energy pass through skin layers and are received within the cell membrane by energy photon receptors. This increase in energy within the cell causes a stabilization of the cell membrane, increase entry of oxygen and nutrients and excretion of waste, and stimulation of DNA synthesis and ATP production – the cell’s fuel. The result is an increase in overall cell metabolism. The effect of laser light on tissues includes an increase in capillary, collagen and epithelial production, a reduction in scar tissue, pain and inflammation and a stimulation of the rate of healing of all cells and tissues.

Photons of laser light are only absorbed by the cells that need them, and there is no effect from the laser on normal tissue.

Powered by an intelligent Lithium-Ion battery, the Q1000 delivers multiple wavelengths, power settings and time intervals ensuring that the healing light penetrates gently into the tissues where it’s needed.

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