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Lakewood, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Tashiro provides Field Control Therapy for a Range of Diseases: Immunologic, Neurological, Auto-Immune, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Diseases of Toxicity and More

Field Control Therapy in Lakewood, CO: Lakewood Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Tashiro works with Field Control Therapy (also known as FCT) at Colorado Life Changing Care. The goal of FCT is to restore the body’s homeostasis. Field Control Therapy accomplishes this by detecting and removing the cause of disease as well as by strengthening weakened cells and organs.

Overview of the Field Control Therapy Process at Colorado Life Changing Care

7 Root Causes of Disease
Speed of Recovery

Around the US and other countries where Field Control Therapy is practiced, 90% of FCT patients experience a gradual and steady reduction of symptoms and improvement in their function. After an average of 6-12 months (with visits every 4-6 weeks, typically) patients reach a point of stability where their original symptoms are greatly reduced and their function greatly improved. At this point, those who elect to continue with quarterly wellness checks and take the indicated remedies experience remarkable vitality and longevity compared to their peers who have not had FCT—even as they reach their 70s, 80s and 90s, needing less medication, hospitalizations and surgeries.

Another 5% experience more rapid, dramatic improvements in their health. The remaining 5% improve but at a slower pace than the 90%.

What Field Control Therapy Helps With at Our Lakewood Chiropractic Center

Dr. Steve Tashiro has used Field Control Therapy with patients suffering from the whole range of diseases of the 21st century: immunologic (lymes, parasitic, viral, bacterial, yeast, mold and fungal infections), neurological (MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, ADHD, autism, brain injury), Auto-Immune (RA, thyroiditis, colitis, crohn’s, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue), cardiovascular, endocrine (low sperm count/infertility), diseases of toxicity (radiation, drug and medication use, heavy metal, environmental chemical, etc.) and many others.

The Testing Process

One of the most unique features of Field Control Therapy is the fact that it’s based on the recognition that the human body has an “Innate Intelligence”. This means that it knows what is needed for the body to heal and when. The testing method allows Dr. Tashiro to be guided by this Intelligence in determining which areas of need should be addressed and when, as well as the potency of the remedies used. The body has its own priorities for what it wants help with, and the best results occur when that is respected.

Field Control Therapy Remedies and Nutritional/Herbal Supplements

FCT remedies improve the electrical vitality of the organs being supported. It is like changing the spark plugs and distributor of your automobile. Nutritional supplements are fuel for your body just like gas is the fuel for your car. If the car’s electrical system is working at peak efficiency, the fuel lasts longer. Often, nutritional supplements are recommended along with the FCT remedies once the organs’ electrical vitality has been improved and the “fuel” can be fully utilized.

The ultimate beauty of Field Control Therapy is that it works in concert with the body’s innate healing potential, not against it!

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