Balance Disorder

Balance Disorder – dizziness

If you’ve been suffering with the unrelieved pains and misery of a Balance Disorder and you’re frustrated with ineffective treatment, then this will be the most important message you’ve read in a very long time.

Here’s What I Have For You

. . . A safe, clinically proven, treatment program for Balance Disorders. Using the most up-to-date clinical and laboratory testing, we create a comprehensive program that’s specific to each patient’s needs.

With Balance Disorders, as you know if you’re a sufferer. the exact cause is not known, symptoms can vary greatly from person to person and treatment can be a crap-shoot with patients responding differently to the same treatment or not responding at all. Along with the dizziness, light-headedness, and other complaints, there’s a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction with conventional treatments that don’t work.

Your body works like a computer system. Your muscles, bones and organs are like the hardware while your brain is like the software running the show. So the problem with Balance Disorders has been while everyone was busy looking for the cause in the hardware and not finding it, the actual cause of the breakdown and pain is in the software — your brain and nervous system.

We now know how to test and find what part(s) of the software aren’t working normally and how to fix or re-program them to get the system (your brain & body) up and running the way it’s meant to. The result . . . no more dizziness, no symptoms, no problems.

Comprehensive metabolic testing makes this truly a state-of-the-art program. Using sensitive and specific laboratory tests, we can pinpoint organs or systems that are malfunctioning and preventing your brain and body from receiving the optimal levels of fuel it requires.

Here’s What’s In It For You

  • High-Tech Pain Relief and Tissue Healing (via Low Level (Cold) Laser) without having to resort to prescription meds and their notorious side effects.
  • Ultra effective program that fixes the leaks in your “leaky gut” . . . keeps the foreign invaders out (every cell in your body benefits from this) and prevents the recurrence of diarrhea and constipation.
  • Sleep through the night like a baby, wake up rested, refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on the world (all without those “sleep aids”).
  • Naturally ratchet up depleted hormone levels and say goodbye to depression, anxiety, wild mood swings, loss of libido and PMS…say hello to a calmer mind, decreased sensitivity to heat and cold, greater ability to handle stress and increased desire for intimacy.
  • Improved Digestion and a Customized Nutritional Plan deliver key nutrients your body needs to make repairs and maintain a high energy state…no longer any need to suffer with acid reflux, yeast infections, gas or bloating.
  • Stop poisoning yourself. The one toxic food group that most all Balance Disorder patients must give up to stop sabotaging their healing efforts.
  • Jump start your energy systems and make it through the day without taking a mid-afternoon nap (and have enough energy to burn when you head on down to the gym for your workout).
  • No more singing the sugar blues . . . the roller coaster ride of highs and lows will become a thing of the past. Enjoy a normal appetite without needing to gorge or avoid eating entirely.
  • Targeted detoxification of your liver and other related areas . . . throw the aspirin away . . . no more headaches, skin rashes disappear, eat fatty food without nausea and cramping.
  • up and smell the roses (and almost anything else for that matter) without worrying about any reactions from an overactive immune system…those tender swollen glands won’t be bothering you like they used to, either.
  • Enjoy the focus and clarity that’s been missing in action when the light-headedness and dizziness associated with Balance Disorders lifts.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been ill, It doesn’t matter how many medications you’ve been prescribed, . . . how old you are, . . . how lousy you feel or what you’ve been told. All that matters is . . . you’ve decided to get off the misery merry-go-round and finally get the help you need. When you’ve decided to begin your Balance Disorder Program, you’ve taken a giant step forward to a new and easier life.

Treatments We May Use

We are able to diagnose your Balance Disorder with the latest neurological testing and use some of the most up-to-date treatments to get to the cause of your condition. Please note that the treatments you receive will depend on YOUR exam because NO TWO PATIENTS WITH BALANCE DISORDERS ARE ALIKE! Some of the treatments we may use are:

  • Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen is fuel for your brain and nervous system. Your brain needs 2 things to survive: Fuel and Activation.
  • UBE (Upper Body Ergometer): Upper body exercises are the activation that your brain needs. Larger areas of the brain are represented by the hands and arms.
  • Warm Calorics: Warm water placed in the ear to help stimulate certain areas of the brain.

Here’s What To Do Next . . .

  • How has your chronic Balance Disorder affected your job, relationships, finances, family, or other activities?
  • What has it cost you? (time, money, happiness, freedom, sleep, job promotion)
  • Where do you picture yourself in the next one to three years if this problem is not taken care of?
  • What would be different/better without this problem?
  • What is it worth to you?

If you’re really serious about ending your Balance Disorder once and for all, call my office at 303-985-5540 and tell my staff that you are interested in setting up a case review and consultation to discuss alternative treatments for your Balance Disorder with me, Dr. Steve Tashiro.

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I’ve had constant vertigo and light headedness for 5-6 years, along with left hip pain. After 7 months of care with Dr. Tashiro, the vertigo is under control, my lightheadedness has improved substantially and my left hip is also much better. This office is a great place to address chronic issues, but you have to do your part!

Morgan H.
Lakewood, CO

NEUROLOGICAL joan hI went to Dr. Tashiro for help with dizziness and an inner ear problem that started 2 years ago. It went away but then came back. My M.D. put me on antibiotics and I was taking vitamins and homeopathics on my own but still had the problem. Dr. Tashiro used the Kauffman technique to align my cranial/mastoid area. The treatment was non-invasive and painless, and it worked

Joan H.
Lakewood, CO

I was suffering from poor balance, brain fog, sugar cravings and compulsive eating, even on the drugs prescribed by my M.D. After 2 months of care with Dr. Tashiro, I've stopped losing my balance, no longer have sugar cravings and compulsive eating and have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks. The daily neck traction helps my posture and energy and prevent worsening of the arthritis in my neck. I feel more in tune with my body, make better choices and understand the importance of daily therapy to maintain health and balance.

Maryann A.
Lakewood, CO

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